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Given that many school districts now depend heavily on laptops as a learning aid, broken machines can inhibit the educational process. The need to repair or replace these fragile devices can also generate additional costs. A durable laptop sleeve can protect this valuable technology from damage and prolong its lifespan. Higher Ground offers an assortment of well-designed and constructed laptop sleeves for students that will safeguard devices against drops, scratches and general mistreatment.

Why Buy From Higher Ground?

Higher Ground specializes in the development of high-quality technology covers for education. Founded in 2003, the company continues to set the standard for the industry. While other manufacturers focus on the retail and consumer market, Higher Ground tailors its designs to meet the needs of educators and their students. When you purchase a rugged laptop sleeve from Higher Ground, you partner with a company that understands the protection and functionality requirements of the current K-12 learning environment.

As an HG customer, you will have access to an assortment of support services, including: 

How Do I Protect School Laptops?

Providing cushioning against drops is the best way to reduce laptop damage. It's also essential to choose a product that meets the unique needs of every student. Higher Ground offers a selection of protective laptop sleeves for students at every K-12 grade level. Options include: 

  • Work-in-case: Provides enhanced functionality by allowing students to keep their devices in the sleeve
  • Backpack-friendly: Many laptop sleeves for students fit snugly inside a backpack
  • Use in cart: Ideal protection solution for school districts that use and store their devices in carts
  • Remove to use: An excellent choice for high schools that prefer to use their laptops outside of the sleeve but still require protection during transport 

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About Higher Ground K-12 Laptop Sleeves

Equipping your students with rugged laptop sleeves from Higher Ground offers multiple benefits for your school district, including the following: 

  • Advanced EVA foam construction that's also found in many running shoes and provides superior drop protection
  • A hydrophobic coating that keeps dirt and water away and protects the contents of the sleeve
  • Reinforced corners that provide additional cushioning against impact
  • Extended edges that safeguard against face-down drops
  • Identification windows that deter theft and prevent incidents of misidentification
  • The chance to experience up to an 85-90 percent reduction in screen breakage as many districts have
  • Possible premium discounts from insurance carriers 

Contact Higher Ground to Buy Durable Laptop Sleeves for Your School

Laptop Sleeves For Schools

The knowledgeable representatives at Higher Ground will be happy to answer all your questions and address your concerns. Feel free to contact us at any time for quick, responsive customer service. You can also receive a custom quote for multiple-sleeve purchases. Free samples of any sleeve in our collection are available upon request.