Apple MacBook Laptop Cases

Apple Macbook Laptop Cases for Schools

Macbook Cases For Schools

Chances are good your institution has made a considerable investment in mobile computing for your administrators, staff members and students. Protecting those expensive assets is a top priority. Heavy use means heavy wear and tear, but Higher Ground can help.

Higher Ground designs functional protection for mobile computers that enhance comfort, usability and ease of access. As a design-based company, Higher Ground believes cases and bags should not just get your computer from point A to point B. Instead, Higher Ground builds our products with purpose so you can protect your investment and make it last for years to come.


Why Move to Higher Ground?

Since 2003, Higher Ground has led the portable storage industry in the design and manufacture of protective cases and bags for schools. Unlike other retail businesses that sell products for the mass market, Higher Ground creates MacBook laptop bags, sleeves and cases for educators and students with intent. In other words, because Higher Ground designs our bags with purpose, we stay one step ahead of the competition.

Higher Ground's products work so well that schools which purchase MacBook sleeves, cases and bags from us may qualify for an insurance discount. That is because the schools which use our products discover they can drastically reduce the number of insurance claims resulting from screen break incidents. Some districts even cut screen break incidents by 85-90%. That helps preserve your budget.

Higher Ground is also easy to work with because we provide:

  • Fast sample request responses
  • Quick price quotes
  • Help with vendors
  • The best lifetime warranty in the industry

If your school uses MacBook Air or MacBook Pro, get in touch with Higher Ground first. Higher Ground carries:

  • MacBook Air cases in 11- and 13-inch sizes
  • MacBook Pro cases in 13-inch sizes
  • MacBook Air and MacBook Pro laptop bags
When it comes to value, education professionals across the country agree that Higher Ground is the premier provider of functional protection for mobile devices.


How Do I Protect School Macbooks?

Teachers see firsthand how frequently students drop or knock over their laptops. Cracked screens can cost a small fortune to replace. Spills that drip through keyboards can permanently damage a hard drive. In the worst cases, the computer may need replacement. Careful handling is essential, but so is adequate storage. That's where Higher Ground comes in.

Higher Ground's patented designs make our cases incredibly functional, but our meticulous testing and outstanding construction keep our laptop bags and cases performing perfectly, year after year. Teachers and administrators love that our bags and cases offer incredible protection from drops and spills. That saves you time and money.

Higher Ground makes our products using:

  • EVA construction. We know EVA can take tons of abuse because it is the same foam used for running shoes and athletic pads. EVA absorbs shocks so your devices won't.
  • Hydrophobic coating. Our bags, cases and sleeves repel water and dirt. Not only does this extend the life of your device, but it also extends the life of the case.
  • Identification windows. Keep your inventory organized with easy-to-read ID windows that can house student identification or asset tags.
  • Airflow channels. You can use your device while it is protected by the case without worrying about overheating. Airflow channels help with cooldown while keeping your investment safer.


About Higher Ground K-12 MacBook Cases

In addition to elevated protection, Higher Ground offers a variety of MacBook Air and Pro cases and bags to meet different students' needs. For example, younger students in elementary school may need protective MacBook cases that are cushioned and durable for heavy use. However, older students in high school may want a MacBook Air or MacBook Pro laptop bag for easy carrying to and from school.

Higher Ground can help you maintain a collection of laptop cases, sleeves and bags that help your students succeed. You can benefit from high-quality solutions that will reduce theft, accidents and neglect, while also lowering the cost of maintenance. MacBook cases for schools will also keep laptops concealed and cushioned while in carts, backpacks and more.protect your apple macbook

Additional benefits of choosing Higher Ground include:

  • Charging cart compatible cases with built-in functionality and accessibility
  • Protective Drop-In inserts or Capsules that give students additional padding and protection when putting laptops in backpacks
  • Work-In case options that allow students to work from anywhere
  • Top-notch customer service to help you find the protective MacBook cases that work for your school
  • 30-day risk-free trial so you can have peace of mind about the sleeves or cases you purchase
  • Lifetime warranty protection that allows you to use the products year after year


Buy Protective Macbook Cases From Higher Ground

Buy Macbook Laptop Cases

Higher Ground is proud to be the education field's leader in functional mobile device protection since 2003. When your district or institution purchases mobile technology, Higher Ground's cases, bags and sleeves can protect your investment. Higher Ground's products are so innovative and effective that insurers recognize the quality of our cases and bags, and pass claim savings onto educators.

If your district is about to invest in MacBook products, get in touch with Higher Ground. We will protect your technology and save you money because you won't have to replace or repair broken equipment. Higher Ground also:

  • Helps you preserve valuable teaching hours. Protected equipment lasts longer and functions better, which in turn prevents classroom downtime.
  • Lets you work in the case. Higher Ground's designs are functional and comfortable, and that means you can protect your tech even as you are using it.
  • Makes backpack-friendly cases and sleeves. If you bring your laptop home, a Higher Ground case ensures peace of mind.

Accidents happen. Worry less. Do not let a significant investment in mobile computing technology go to waste because of drops, spills or theft. Higher Ground will provide complimentary pricing and a sample for your review, so getting in touch is risk-free.

Contact Higher Ground's customer service team so we can review your needs and budget.