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Acer Chromebook Cases For Schools

acer chromebook cases for schools

While Chromebooks enable school districts to provide easy, inexpensive internet access to their students, they do have drawbacks. One significant disadvantage is that Chromebooks are not very durable.

If you use Acer Chromebooks in your schools, Higher Ground can help protect your machines from drops, spills and general mishandling. You can purchase a rugged, high-quality Acer Chromebook case for schools that will safeguard your devices and enhance accessibility, usability and functionality.


Why Buy From Higher Ground?

Higher Ground is a design-based business that focuses on creating functional protection for schools. The company was started in 2003 to provide a non-slip, stable platform for laptops. Over the years, Higher Ground has expanded its offerings to include covers for tablets and Chromebooks. As an industry pioneer, the company continues to set the standard that others try to match. While competitors attempt to copy Higher Ground designs, they fall short when it comes to quality, reliability and innovation.

When you choose Higher Ground as your Acer Chromebook cover supplier, you will also get:

  • Superior customer service
  • A company that stands behind every product with a lifetime guarantee
  • Risk-free purchasing with a 30-day return policy
  • Quick responses to quote and sample requests
  • Full vendor support (for resellers and distributors)


How Do I Protect School Acer Chromebooks?

Younger pupils often view their computers as toys, and older students see them as just another piece of school equipment. Taking good care of these expensive assets is not necessarily their top priority. A Higher Ground Acer Chromebook hard case or bag will protect your investment in technology from all types of mistreatment. 

shuttle 3.0 acer chromebook case

Examples of the numerous protective features offered include:

  • EVA foam material that absorbs the impact when students drop or knock over the device
  • Hydrophobic coating to repel dirt and liquids before they can penetrate the surface
  • Airflow channels to safeguard against overheating
  • Several sizes to provide a snug fit and keep the Chromebook from slipping out of the case

If computer theft and "disappearance" is an issue in your schools, you will also appreciate the built-in identification windows. Students can label their cases clearly, which can deter stealing and help to prevent misidentification.


About Higher Ground K-12 Acer Chromebook Bags and Cases

Students at each grade level have different computer usage and handling requirements. Higher Ground designs Acer Chromebook cases to meet every need. Choose the product(s) that deliver the right protective and functional solution for your school environment:

  • Use-in-cart: Select these cases if your district uses charging carts to move and store your Chromebooks.
  • Backpack-friendly: These cases will provide padding for when students are carrying devices in backpacks.
  • In-case: You will get a product that allows students to keep their computers in the case while working.
  • Remove-to-use: Try these cases with 2-in-1 Chromebook user scenarios.


Buy Protective Acer Chromebook Covers From Higher Ground

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Browse the entire collection of high-quality Acer Chromebook cases for schools and place your order online today. Contact us if you would like to discuss your protection needs or request a free sample.