How to Properly Prepare Your Space for Learning at Home

Creating a distraction-free study space at home is essential to promote a productive learning environment. Students and teachers must find unique ways to maintain focus while working and learning from home. If you need a distraction-free space, follow these guidelines to ensure you are ready for assignments, lesson planning and more.

Set Up a Comfortable and Quiet Space

One of the best ways to remain productive at home is to find a comfortable yet practical place to work. Ideally, select a room that has a supportive chair, desk surface and access to electrical outlets if working on a laptop.

Use this location for work and academic purposes only. Open the curtains or blinds for natural light, set the thermostat how you like and keep pencils, pens, notebooks and supplies within reach. You know your study habits better than anyone else, so controlling the environment can ensure your success.

If you thrive in quiet conditions, be sure to turn off televisions, put away smartphones and close the door to limit visitors in your home study space.

Properly Organize Your Space

Make sure all of your documents, folders and resources are in order before starting assignments at home. Lay out grading rubrics, textbooks and instructions the night before to reduce searching through backpacks and binders.

Parents can help elementary-age students create an efficient study space at home by organizing a learning schedule. Frequently check in with younger students to make sure they are following online plans, completing objectives correctly and spending enough time with each subject.

Recreate a School-Like Environment

Creating a study space at home is easier with a set routine. Schools and universities operate on a time schedule for a reason. Consider the following tips to enhance study habits and eliminate distractions:

  • Go to sleep and wake up at the same time each day
  • Take a shower and get dressed as if you are going to work or school
  • Eat a healthy breakfast for energy
  • Remember to take breaks to retain information

Consider using a day planner or agenda book to stay up to date with deadlines. A simple to-do list will keep you on track week to week, eliminating distractions while you study.

Protect Your Devices From Damage

Students and teachers are working from home now more than ever. If your local district or college offers online classes, protective cases are a must-have for school-owned laptops and tablets. These products help keep devices protected against drops and accidents.

It only takes one fall to break a device, and that's why Higher Ground designs innovative, functional cases for safe transportation and everyday use. From travel cases to always-on protection, the company is a pioneer in protective case solutions for laptops, Chromebooks and tablets.

Higher Ground cases are made with EVA construction and hydrophobic coatings to repel dirt, water and grime. Return to your home workstation knowing devices are in good hands. Get started by requesting a quote from Higher Ground today.

Mark Zadvinskis
Mark Zadvinskis


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