About Higher Ground (Older Version)

Mark with Protex ipad case

Since 2002, Higher Ground has been a leader and pioneer in designing protective, work-from-the-case solutions for laptops, Chromebooks and tablets. Higher Ground knows education and your needs because we were you!  Our company was founded by a professor at University of Michigan’s College of Design, along with former student and business partner Mark Zadvinskis. Being on a college campus, the two recognized that soon all students would be learning from and using technology in education. With their passion for problem solving and design, the team set out to create a line of protective gear which not only safely transports your laptop, but makes it more functional, accessible and easier to use.

Early machines were bulky, ran hot and though they were called laptops, they were hardly lap friendly, particularly for smaller children. Higher Ground decided to put the "lap" back into laptop, and the Laptrap was born. The Laptrap provided a non-slip and stable platform to use directly in your lap or on your desk. Heat is shielded from your legs while risers elevate the laptop to provide cooling and heat flow. In order to maintain port accessibility around the laptop, the frame and padding were moved to the top (screen side) of the case. This also provided extra protection in the event of a drop while in use.This configuration revolutionized how laptop cases were designed. Additional Higher Ground solutions soon followed such as the incredibly successful Shuttle.

Countless brands have been heavily influenced by many of Higher Ground's most successful designs, however Higher Ground continues to innovate and evolve, making each new design better than the last!

Though Higher Ground has experienced much "flattery" in the industry and has influenced a new paradigm in case design, there are a few things continue to set them apart. A commitment to design, value and service are paramount. Only the highest quality materials and manufacturing standards are accepted. Products are built to take the daily abuse of students and last as long or longer than the equipment they protect. If a school has a new idea or unique need Higher Ground can design a custom solution, and can even engage students in the process - providing an opportunity to learn more about design and the process of taking an idea to reality.

While other consumer focused brands have entered the K-12 space with designs focused on the mass market, Higher Ground's focus and commitment to education has been steadfast, purposeful and unwavering. Higher Ground looks forward to the next challenge and ways to make technology more accessible and comfortable to use while providing a great value and peace of mind to schools and students alike.


Meet the Sales Team

Robert Danese

Robert Danese

Vice President of Sales

An experienced business leader with a proven success record in sales, marketing, business development and operations with a proven track record of identifying market opportunities to increase revenue and market share for clients.

Alex Stevens

Regional Sales Director - East

Alex's has a passion for helping resellers and customers find the best solutions for their needs. He also has a serious sweet tooth, so if you ever need a favor from Alex, just send Sugarpova gummies his way and you've got a friend for life!

Matt Rogers

Director - Marketing and Sales Operations

With over 20 years of Marketing and Sales experience, Matt is focused on building long-term relationships with partners and clients with the goal of providing a high level of service and a superior customer experience.


Gavin Raitt_Higher_Ground_Gear_Regional_Sales_Director

Frank Raimondi

Regional Sales Director - Northwest

With over 30 years of background in the IT/PC channels, Frank utilizes his strong relationships with vendors, distributors and reseller partners, to work with multiple parties, together toward a greater goal, through alliance and partnership marketing, event production and management, strategy development, and complete follow through to execution.

Gavin Raitt

Regional Sales Director - Central

Gavin’s number one priority is you! Experienced K-12 background as a regional reseller for over 8 years. He has seen it all! From start to finish, he is here to help you meet your goals and provide top-level sales support. 

Rick Toftey

Director - Channel Partner Sales

Rick is always willing to help.  From selection process, to best practices and even installations, he’ll go the extra mile for you.  He can do this, because we are small enough to be nimble, but large enough to deliver.  Along the way, we provide industry leading support before, during and after the sale.  Our innovation and quality craftsmanship, along with our talented team all combine to provide the best experience in the industry!

Chris Laurain

Accounting & Business Operations

Chris dedicates her attention to Higher Ground's accounting and warehouse management. Detail-oriented and a meticulous notetaker. Chris is our very own "Time Machine," able to retrace every step of a transaction.

 Casha Reardon

Inside Sales Manager - Midwest & West Territories

Since 2015, Casha has enjoyed working in the K12 space. She believes that asking the right questions is the key to finding the best solutions for customers and resellers. When she's not working, you'll find her camping and adventuring with her dog and husband.